White Lily +Aloe Deluxe 3-Wick
White Lily +Aloe Deluxe 3-Wick
White Lily +Aloe Deluxe 3-Wick

White Lily +Aloe Deluxe 3-Wick

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Composed of fragrant lily and citrusy blood orange, this floral fragrance is far from ordinary. Notes of delicate violet and aloe for depth

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Blood Orange + Bergamot + Rosehip Tea + Pineapple + Aloe + Sandalwood + Lily + Violet

All natural coconut wax perfumed candle

Phthalate Free

Lead and Zinc free cotton core wick

Cruelty Free

Hand poured

Free of color dyes and additives

Due to the nature of natural wax, slight variations may occur and are natural

 Fragrance Family: floral, fragrant
 17 ounce / 45+ hour burn time

 Candle Care:

- Trim wick before re-lighting EACH time. Simply pinch off burnt tips with finger tips or wick trimmer. This ensures a clean and safe burn

- Allow candle to burn a minimum of 3 hours before extinguishing so candle reaches a proper, full, and even melt pool. Allowing your candle to burn evenly to the edges of the glass will reward you with the longest burn time

- Keep candle away from any draft or direct air flow (fan, window, directly under A/C or heater) Having your candle around direct air flow will cause your wick to flicker the flame and produce black smoke around your glass

- Keep away from pets and children

- NEVER leave candle unattended

Get The Most Out Of Your Products With Proper TLC!

- Always light your candle within sight; NEVER leave unattended!

- CEL SAL recommends using long matches or a stick lighter when lighting to prevent black smoldering around your glass. If using short match sticks or pocket size lighter, you are more inclined to tilt the candle jar thus creating smolder to build up. To remove smolder, simply wipe around the glass with a paper towel.

- Allow your candles (especially during first burn) to burn for a minimum of 3 hours to create a full "melt pool". The melt pool is the liquified wax that forms inside of your vessel and we want to make sure it's liquified all the way to the edges of the container. Extinguishing your candle before the melted wax has reached the edges will create a tunnel down the middle and could result in lots of leftover wax.

- Trim your wick EACH TIME before relighting. Snap, trim, or pinch away black burnt tip with your fingers or wick trimmer. Trimming this away ensures the best, safest, and cleanest burn.

Only trim your wick when your candle is completely cooled!

- Keep lit candles away from any draft or direct air flow (i.e fan, window, heating and cooling)

- For your safety, discontinue burning a candle when 1/2 inch of wax remains in  the container


Cel Sal candles are completely free of color dyes and additives, so you may notice natural discoloration from the fragrance oils.

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