Returns & Refunds are considered if an item was defective or if you experienced an issue with candle performance (I.e. wick won’t stay lit, shattered glass, etc).
Please keep in mind each wax product is individually hand poured so slight variations are possible. Also, because all Cel Sal wax products are made from all natural coconut wax, candles and melts are much softer than a full soy or paraffin blend candle and shipping in temperatures warmer than 85° will cause your candle to sweat — don’t fret, this will not harm the performance. Once you light your candle for the first time and allow the melt pool (liquified wax) to reach the edges of the vessel evenly, your candle will solidify smoothly and evenly.
Good as new!


Exchanges are handled on a case by case basis. While I understand it may be difficult to imagine a scent based off of a description, samples are available to aid with your selection.