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Velvet + Toasted Coconut Candle

Velvet + Toasted Coconut Candle

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7 ounce coconut wax candle hand-poured locally in Dallas, Texas.

This fragrance is addictive and evolving with every whiff, giving “golden hour” a scent. Much like the layers of a colorful sunset, this scent is layered with gourmand base notes of caramelized sugar and salted caramel; heart notes of complex night blooming jasmine; and bright citrus top notes of bergamot composing a perfect year-round escape.

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Night Blooming Jasmine + Salted Caramel + Nectarine + Almond + Milky Coconut + Bergamot + Pineapple Nectar + Peony Petals + Tonka Bean + Ambrette + Caramelized Sugar

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